As our world transforms into a cyber economy, organizations with traditional business models are threatened by competitors that have already adopted and perfected the ability to conduct business over the Net. IT executives are continually and anxiously looking for new approaches and techniques to allow for rapid development and delivery of creative, innovative e-business solutions.

Web-Enabling Applications

Not all existing core business applications, known as legacies, are desired to be retired soon and replaced with new packaged applications. In many situations, existing enterprise applications cannot be easily replaced. IT Pandits Inc. has taken initiatives to invest in the development of skills and expertise to help organizations maximize and leverage their existing IT investment by developing solutions to enabling their enterprise to host application over the Web.

Web Application Development

As IT executives are faced with pressures to leverage technology to stay competitive, the development of new, innovative Web-based applications are essential for survival for either a start-up company or a well established organization. E-business deployment generally follows two defined paths:

  •   Business-to-Consumer (B2C)
  •   Business-to-Business (B2B)

Once the direction is set, IT Pandits Inc, Consultants can develop applications such as:

  •   E-Commerce sites
  •   Intranet Applications
  •   Portals

Migration to Web Applications

Companies become totally dependent on their core application, many of them written years ago for an outdated business model. And while they may see the value in converting from legacy applications to a Web environment, the complexities involved may deter such a conversion. IT Pandits Inc.'s Consultants have the experience, expertise and methodologies to enable clients to successfully migrate from their legacy systems to new web based applications.

Enterprise Application Integration

Traditional application integration architectures are no longer appropriate for aligning critical process with business goals. Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) defines a new market in which web-based applications are integrated with enterprise software and packaged solutions with the Internet as the backbone. IT Pandits Inc.'s Consultants can provide solutions that are platform independent, adaptable, and built on component architecture that can find the best way for the internal systems to move business information into and out of existing enterprise systems, which paves the way for customers to move into the world of e-business. Our EAI solution integrates legacy systems, e-business applications and critical information scattered throughout a client's organization into an efficient, accessible, up to the minute inter-departmental information network.


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